Pecha Kucha Design Event

I'll be doing my six minutes and forty seconds tonight along with 11 local artists and designers at Live Theatre, Newcastle. It's being put on by Design Event


Smile for the cameras.

The Liverpool Map is on the verge of completion, and a few bits have hit the press. This is one from my university.

This is the official one, from Liverpool Daily Post.


Museum Ethnographers Group

This week I presented a paper on the Sunderland Museum project to the annual conference of the Museum Ethnographers Group. It was the first proper academic conference in which I had to present, so naturally I was a bit worried. The theme was on "Making Things," which was a good fit. For good measure, I was paired with contemporary artist George Nuku, whose contemporary Maori installations are both challenging and transparent (some of his traditional Maori forms are made with carved and polished perspex)

It turned out to be a great experience. Researchers who are really good at what they do were receptive to my work, and it was surprising how much common ground we could find. Chris Wingfield's paper on the biography of a Missionary Society basket was impressive. 


Artist Talk, Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens

This week, I'm giving a talk about my work in the Collected Fragments exhibition at Sunderland Museum. 7 December 2pm. Tour of exhibition to follow. A podcast interview has also been made and available through Tyne and Wear Museums' Culturecast.

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