The Object-International Glass Prize

I'm not in Belgium for today's opening at Glazenhuis, but my work Comb was selected for inclusion in the International Glass Prize exhibition. As far as I can tell I'm in excellent company.

Comb was part of a body of work inspired by the concept of object biography, borrowed from anthropology. It's a revisiting of the object to consider not only its origins but its 'career'--how it is used, where it is placed geographically, and what happens to it when it is no longer useful. In this case Comb is a visualisation of an object in Sunderland Museum, in which the curator's handwritten acquisition notes have been embedded into the material itself. Translucent opaline glass makes this biography visible when the comb is viewed from an angle.

Download the exhibition catalogue here.

Comb, 2010. this piece is about as big as it looks on your screen. Waterjet cut, printed and carved glass.


Solo show in Turkey

It's been a quiet few months here on the blog, but I'm happy to announce the opening of my first solo exhibition in four years. Thanks so much to my team of hired guns and especially to Mette Birk, my highly skilled, organized, and hard working intern, whose support was invaluable.

Books and Buildings is on at SODA Istanbul, a contemporary art and design space, from 20 June to 28 July.

Press release, images and small brochure all available on this link.

Estate 2012. Waterjet cut and fused glass. Yes, it really is that big. Photo David Williams


Art for Sunderland at Sunderland Museum

Triple Self Portrait has been on show at Sunderland Museum in a survey of their art collection. Pleased to be a part of this exhibition.

Me, myself and father and grandfather. Lookin at Triple Self Portrait (2007) at Sunderland Museum.


Kith and Kin exhibition

An all new monumental work has been made for the Kith and Kin exhibition at National Glass Centre in Sunderland, opening 10 November and on until February 2012.

It's a collaboration between myself and Erin Dickson, visualising an 'emotional leak'.

See pictures here. and more to post later.


Erin Dickson & Jeffrey Sarmiento, Emotional Leak, 2011


Museum of Liverpool opening

Just back from Liverpool, where the doors to the Museum of Liverpool opened to the public for the first time. It's the largest new museum in the UK in the past 100 years and is a stunning bit of architecture by Danish firm 3XN


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