New Glass Review 34

Erin Dickson and I are pleased to have Emotional Leak published in this year's New Glass Review 34. You'll not see the results on the site but do grab a copy if you see one.


Jutta Cuny-Franz Memorial Prize Announcement

This week I was awarded an honorary diploma from the Jutta Cuny-Franz Foundation. Here is the list of the competition results.



Erin Dickson and I are gearing up for COLLECT 2013, set to happen 10-13 May in London at the Saatchi Gallery. This time Emotional Leak is going to be shown (and somehow miraculously installed in 14 hours). We are going to make it even taller this time, shooting for the Saatchi Gallery's 4m ceiling. 



Opening at s12 Bergen

I'm proud to present all new work in Composites with Stine Bidstrup and Damien Francois at S12 Gallery in Bergen, where I've spent the past 5 weeks on an artist residency. Here is a link to the exhibition. Thanks to Bella and Terese for all their help. Thanks also to Trykkeriet, where I did my printing work. 



Books and Buildings Solo exhibition

I'm pleased to announce the opening of Books and Buildings in Chicago, hosted by Ken Saunders Gallery. It's the first place I ever showed as a student, and it is an great privilege to be back. See the catalogue here.